Thursday, November 29, 2012

distro update!

webstore updated.. check it out!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hellkrusher / Deadly Reign split 7" out now!

The Mighty HELLKRUSHER is back, with their fist release in over a decade! Formed from the talents of Hellbastard and Energetic Krusher members, Hellkrusher released several LP’s and 7”s in 1990’s including a split 7” with the legendary Japanese band DISCLOSE. For this release, they have joined up with fellow punk veterans DEADLY REIGN, a D-Beat assault out of Austin, TX. Comprised of Guerinot on Drums (World Burns to Death, Kegcharge), Raygunn on Guitar (Glycine Max, Dogma Mundista, Scarred For Life), and Gushammer on Bass and Vocals (Century of War, Till Death). Together these bands are virtually unstoppable. Each complement the other in their protest of War, Religion, and Politics. Fans of Discharge take notice! “Continuous Warfare” is a MUST for your collection! Released in the states on Rescued From Life Records. RFL86 white vinyl for mailorder with sticker get your copy at or email

Monday, June 11, 2012


come and get it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breathilizor "for the ULTIMATE pain of medusa's love" LP OUT NOW!

Breathilizor "for the ULTIMATE pain of medusa's love" LP

Breathilizor's first album finally released on vinyl more than 10 years after they recorded it. One of my favorite releases ive done. 300 pressed on black vinyl with Screen printed covers and lyric sheet. first 20 orders get limited orange cover.
order at

The Wankys "American Wank" CD still available!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


rfl1.Entrails Massacre/Godstomper 7" 500 made SOLD OUT rfl2.FearofGodstomper 7" 300 made SOLD OUT rfl3.Haisha"True Love never dies" 7" 500 made SOLD OUT rfl4.Birdflesh"carnage in the fields of rice" 7" co-released w/ NBBQparty SOLD OUT rfl5.Unholy Grave"Fanaticism" 7" 500 made co-released w/ Incendiary Devices SOLD OUT rfl6.HeWhoCorrupts/Infestation of Ass 7" co-released w/AFDY &C.B. SOLD OUT rfl7.Unholy Grave/Godstomper 7" 500 made SOLD OUT rfl8.Ulcerrhoea/Siviilimurha 7" repress ?? made SOLD OUT rfl9.Uncurbed/Autoritar 7" 1000 made SOLD OUT rfl10.Pretty Little Flower"swarming industrial cancer" 7" co-releases w/Rat Gut 500 made SOLD OUT rfl11.Wojczech/Instinct of Survival split cd/lp 1000 cd 1000 lp made co-released w/Scrotum, towerviolence, and sensitive wormrile. rfl12.Unholy Grave/Catheter 7" 1000 made SOLD OUT! rfl13.Ulcerrhoea"line and row" cd/lp 1000 cd 500 lp made co-released w/Bucho Discos LP IS SOLD OUT! rfl14.Birdflesh/Embalming Theatre 7" 700 made SOLD OUT rfl15.Entrails Massacre"crucial strickes with attitude" lp 700 made rfl16.Cthuwulf/Gai 7" co-released w/ FBF & Cesspool 500 made SOLD OUT rfl17.Forca Macabra"edicao punk" 7" 500 made rfl18.Forca Macabra"edicao metal" 7" 500 made rfl19.Skrupel/Godstomper demos 7" 300 made rfl20.Catheter/Entrails Massacre 7" 500 made rfl21.Unholy Grave"uk discharge" gatefold lp financed by Agromosh 1000 made rfl22.Netjajev SS/Johnny Cohen and the new age nazis 7" 500 made co-releaed w/NFL-Holland SOLD OUT rfl23.Brodys Militia/No Value 7" 500 made SOLD OUT! rfl24.Pretty Little Flower/Unholy Grave gatefold 7" 1000 made co- released w/ Psyco Wolf Records. SOLD OUT! rfl25.Netjajev SS"rabid cunts must evaporate" 7" 100 made SOLD OUT! rfl26.v/a All Punks Spending Drunk Night 7" comp w/Brodys Militia, Hellnation, Merda, Netjajev SS, Widespread Bloodshed and more! co-released w/ Haunted Hotel and Backwoods Butcher Records!1000 made OUT NOW! rfl27.Netjajev SS/Syphlitic Vaginas split 7" 200 made SOLD OUT! rfl28.Embalming Theatre"Buried Alive" 7" NOT OUT YET..DO NOT ORDER! rfl29.Pretty Little Flower"Complete Grindcore Annihilation" discog 50 song Cd co-released w/ Indecipherable Crap Records OUT NOW! 1000 made rfl30.Netjajev SS"Prom Night Hits" double 8" limited to 40 copies. SOLD OUT. rfl31.Insect Warfare/Boltstein 7" 600 made SOLD OUT. rfl32.Cthuwulf "Life's Flame" lathe cut 7" limited to 40 copies. SOLD OUT! rfl33.Unholy Grave 8" Lathe. 100 copies only SOLD OUT! rfl34.Brody's Militia/Netjajev Society System split 7" OUT NOW! rfl35.Netjajev Society System SSA2. 300 made. co-release w/ Quasimoto Records OUT NOW! rfl36.Netjajev SS/Ulcerrhoea split 7" 135 pressed co-released with NFL SOLD OUT! rfl37.Netjajev SS "Anarchy Andromeda" LP 234 Made SOLD OUT! REPRESSED 8/4/2010 OUT NOW! rfl38.Netjajev SS triangle 8" record with screenprinted triangle cover. 50 Made SOLD OUT! rfl39. Bloody Phoenix LP/CD 500/1000 Made OUT NOW! rfl40. PLF "Pulverizing Lethal Force" 1000 Made CD SOLD OUT! rfl41. Syphilitic Vaginas s/t 12" 135 Made SOLD OUT! re-pressed by Hardcore Holocaust in 2008. rfl42. Netjajev SS "s/t" ep 500 Made OUT NOW! rfl43. Syphiltic Vaginas "Night Desecrate" 9" ep 70 Made SOLD OUT! rfl44. Society Of Friends CD OUT NOW! rfl45. Unholy Grave "Huck Finn Onslaught" mini LP SOLD OUT.. DO NOT ORDER! rfl46. Hatred Surge 5" 200 Made SOLD OUT! rfl47. Brody's Militia/No Value/Widespread Bloodshed/Cockroach 4 Way split 7" OUT NOW! rfl48. Syphilitic Vaginas Cassette ep 100 Made SOLD OUT! rfl49. Noisear / Magnicide split 7" OUT NOW! rfl50. Rot / Life is a Lie split 7" OUT NOW! rfl51. Syphilitic Vaginas / The Wankys split 8" 170 Made SOLD OUT! rfl52. Syphilitic Vaginas "Black Motor Covenant" 7" 1000 MADE OUT NOW! rfl53. Brody's Militia / Ghoul split 7" 700 Made SOLD OUT! rfl54. Schnauzer / Crossface split 7" 1000 Made OUT NOW! rfl55. Syphilitic Vaginas Discography CD OUT NOW! rfl56. No Talk "Invade Iran b/w Fear the C.I.A." 7'" 250 Made SOLD OUT! rfl57. Syphilitic Vaginas / Abigail split LP OUT NOW! rfl58. Hillside Death Cult 1 sided 12" (pre Netjajev SS) OUT NOW! rfl59. Netjajev SS Double 11" Demos collection SOLD OUT! rfl60. Netjajev SS / Sloth split 12" 150 MADE! SOLD OUT! rfl61. Kill The Client "Cleptocracy" LP OUT NOW! rfl62. Knucklescraper "RIP" 7" OUT NOW! rfl63. Uncurbed "rise and shine" 7" NOT OUT YET.. DO NOT ORDER! rfl64. Mesrine "Unidentified" LP OUT NOW! rfl65. Putrescence / Archagathus split 7" OUT NOW! rfl66. Rupture / CSMD pic ep OUT NOW! rfl67. Waking Terror 7" OUT NOW! rfl68. Retaliation "Cost of Redemption" LP OUT NOW! rfl69. Ogo Dys / Poopy Necroponde split LP OUT NOW! rfl70. Nunslaughter / Syphilitic Vaginas split 7" OUT NOW! rfl71. Homopolice "assfucker" single co release with Heavy Leather OUT NOW! rfl72. Schnauzer / Punching Moses split 7" OUT NOW! rfl73. Unholy Grave "Grindholic" 7" for Texas Tour June 2009 OUT NOW! rfl74. Insect Warfare "Evolved Into Obliteration" 12" OUT NOW! rfl75. The Wankys "American Wank" CD OUT NOW! rfl76. Hatred Surge "Deconstruct" LP OUT NOW! rfl77. Cripple Bastards / Looking for an Answer split 6" OUT NOW! rfl78. Brody's Militia new 7" OUT NOW! rfl79. Nibiru "war before extinction" 7" OUT NOW! rfl80. Nunslaughter / Midnight 7" 100 made SOLD OUT! DO NOT ASK! rfl81. Pig Heart Transplant "They Eat What We Eat" 7" OUT NOW! rfl82. Nuclear Sex Addict "Seminaal Fuckkwit" DEMO 7" OUT NOW! rfl83. PHT//V 7" OUT NOW! rfl84. WILD//TRIBE "Endless Nights" LP/CD OUT NOW! rfl85. Catheter /Streetwalker 7” OUT NOW! rfl86. Hellkrusher / Deadly Reign 7” OUT NOW! rfl87. PLF/Subcut 7” out now! rfl88. Hellkrusher “Buildings for the rich” lp NOT OUT YET rfl89. Funerary Box “Hell Hammered Horror” lp NOT OUT YET rfl90. War Master “Pyramid of the Necropolis” cd OUT NOW! rfl91. CSMD “Space Hoes” dbl 5” Lathe SOLD OUT rfl92. Breathilizor lp OUT NOW! rfl93. Tough Skins “Rumble Stilts Skin” lp NOT OUT YET rfl94. Brody’s Militia “Funeral Arrangements” 7” NOT OUT YET