Saturday, September 25, 2010

BRODY’S MILITIA “Cretin Slaughterhouse” 7” OUT NOW!

BRODY’S MILITIA “Cretin Slaughterhouse” 7”
Six brand new studio tracks of nasty-ass punk rock n’ roll filth from
these Kentucky cutthroats! Thrill to the seething sounds of exploding
chainsaw thrash injected with a disgusting overdose of iron-fisted
drum artillery, knuckle draggin' riffs and sleazy guitar wank. This
sonic ass-ripper is the most powerful and pissed off piece of wax yet
forged in the blast furnace of BRODY’S MILITIA’s eleven-year career of
evil. Bloody-throated vocal cruelty vomited over primo hellish
hardrock for maximum earhole fuckery! Custom crafted to put a
toothless smile on the face of even the most savage audio sadist.
Check out the songs “Passed Out On The Tiles” and “Funeral
Celebration” from this EP at now!

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