Thursday, December 22, 2011

PLF / SUBCUT split 7" OUT NOW!!

PLF / Subcut split 7" out now!
After being a pipe dream since the year 2000, this split has finally been pressed onto seven deadly inches of plastic, with these two grindcore outfits each delivering their brand of angry blastage. Houston, TX's P.L.F. continue their relentless campaign of Gulf Coast Grindcore with 2 tight, thrash-grinding rippers recorded in 2010, and a cover of Terrorizer's "Human Prey". The songs fly from blast parts to d-beats to the occasional thrash metal moment to start-and-stop thrashcore and still retain a fluid sense of delivery. 
Flip the record over, and Subcut, who are from Sao Paulo, Brazil, just destroy your sensibilities, with five enraged tracks of truly excellent crusty grind that are delivered like blow after blow in the final beating of your life. Every entry in Subcut's discography, since they formed in the 90's, is comprised of nothing but the most enraged grind tracks--- virtually no metal influence here-- just disgust for the ugliness and harsh realities of life seem to fuel the onslaught: Ripping fast power chords and bass distortion, insane, fast-blast drumming not unlike Hail of Rage, and totally over-the top vocals screamed through it all. No "bro jams" or Affliction-shirt-looking layouts here, this is the Real
Shit, black and white and all Grind. RFL87

$7 ppd USA
$8 ppd Canada/Mexico
$11 ppd everywhere else

Mailorder gets color vinyl


Add any other 7" for $4 more (unless noted)
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Catheter / Streetwalker 7"
Cripple Bastards / Looking for an Answer 6"
Ghoul / Brody's Militia 7"
Knuckle Scraper "rip" 7"
Nibiru "War Before Extinction" 7"
Nuclear Sex Addict "seminaal fukkwit" 7"
PHTV 7" $5
Rot / Life Is a Lie 7"
Unholy Grave "grindholic" 7"

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RSR will have these soon in Europe

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